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Take a Look at the Tollund Man Take a Look at the Tollund Man

The Tollund Man is probably the most well-preserved body from pre-historic times in the world. The head was almost shockingly well-preserved. The eyes were closed and so was the mouth - the look on his face was calm and solemn as if he was just sleeping....

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A Body Appears How was the Tollund Man Discovered?

Monday morning on May 8th, 1950 the police in Silkeborg received an alarming message. On the previous Saturday a body had been discovered in a bog close to Bjældskovdal, an area located approximately 10 kilometres west of Silkeborg. Accordingly, the body was discovered on May 6th, 1950.

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At the Time of the Tollund Man What was the Tollund Man's Life like?

The Tollund Man was alive during the first part of the iron age, 300-400 years B.C. Almost everybody was involved in farm work and that goes for both men, women and children. In order to prepare the land people used a special kind of plough, an ard, which was pulled by a couple of oxen. That was probably the men's part of the work...

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Was the Tollund Man Hanged? How did the Tollund Man Die?

The Tollund Man was discovered with a rope around his neck. But had the rope been used for hanging him or strangling him? And what were the details in the actual offering?

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Why did he have to die? Why did the Tollund Man have to Die?

Was the Tollund Man quilt of a crime for which he had to be punished? Was he a low-life in society which people wanted to get rid of? Or was he a slave or perhaps a well-respected man who was sacrificed in order to appease the gods of the bog?

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Preservation of the Tollund Man How was the Tollund Man Preserved?

The two museum conservators who did the excavation of the Tollund Man at the National Museum of Denmark, were also the ones who were going to try to attempt to preserve his head. They wanted to try to replace the bog water in the cells with wax. But since they knew that the melted wax wasn't going to mix with bog water, they had to try something else...

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The Tollund Man can help medical science.

The Tollund Man jumped the waiting list when he had a CAT-scan...

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