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Now with Illustrations!

How did the Tollund Man live and die?

Take a look at illustrator Niels Bach's beautiful illustrations and his offer on the events.

You'll find the illustrations on various pages on the website.

View all the illustrations

How the illustrations went from sketches to finished drawings

Workshop for Creative Writing with Sally Altschuler:

In January 2005 the Tollund Man's website was the starting point for a workshop for creative writing which took place at Funder Skole in Silkeborg. Funder Skole is located close to where the Tollund Man was discovered.

The workshop was led by the writer Sally Altschuler who was in charge of an interactive writing process where two classes created two works of fiction about the Tollund Man by using the information on the website about the Tollund Man and the Iron age.

More about the workshop for creative writing is Officially on the Internet:

A festive reception at Silkeborg Museum November 8th, 2004 marked the opening of the website on the Internet, and both the website and the project were presented to the public.

Take a look at what happened

The Tollund Man Admitted to the Hospital:

Latest Research

The Tollund Man skipped the waiting lists when he was recently scanned in a CAT-scanner.

More Information about the Project:

The Digital Tollund Man

The Tollund Man moves - well, almost.
A new website gives you the chance to watch videos about the life and death of the Tollund Man.
Release about the opening of the website and the project.

About the wesbite

A virtual gateway to information and educational material about the Tollund Man and other famous bog bodies in Denmark

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